Event Details

Indian Automobile Industry has been on rise since few years absorbing the shocks of global economic up and downs. This growth is particularly visible in personal vehicle segments like 2-Wheelrs and 4-Wheelers. With almost all major automobile manufacturers having their base in Chennai, the population of vehicles is on rise and has reached Ties II and III cities.

At the same time, the growth of Aftermarket i.e. use Latest Garage Equipments, Up-gradation of Service Stations has confined mainly to larger cities and with authorised dealers network. The roadside mechanic still uses the same age old technique when it comes to repair and maintenance and cars and one can large number of cars waiting outside of each these garages to be attended for days together.

Though the sales and deployment of commercial and industrial vehicles directly relates to economic situation since these vehicles carry the goods and wares, importance given to their maintenance is minimal including the fuel economy, tyres and engines which directly affect the same.

The aftermarket for Automobile Sector has miles to go and expected to grow at

Looking at all these factors, Autoserve 2018 will provide a special focus on maintenance equipments and procedures for commercial and industrial vehicles.

Autoserve 2018

With its 8th edition which is scheduled from 23rd - 25th November 2018, CII has decided to enlarge the scope of Autoserve by adding new features like Tyre Pavilion, Battery Pavilion, Accessories and Decoration and Auto-component Pavilion. With addition of these focused pavilion, once can say that automotive service segment is fully covered.

Autoserve 2018 will focus on its core areas of whole range Garage Equipments covering cleaning systems, engine tuning, repair and maintenance tools & equipments, paint booth manufacturers, accessories etc

Autoserve 2018 will also focus on Garage Systems for large and commercial vehicles, Long distance buses, Auto-airconditioning.


With estimated market of more than Rs.240bn, the component market is one of the largest in aftermarket segment since these needs to be replaced on regular basis. Autoserve 2018 will have a dedicated pavilion for Auto-components for after market industry.

Tyres Pavilion

For any automobile, tyres' plays major role for running it economically and also impacts the safety. Over the years, technology for tyres has changed with introduction of various steel factors thereby improving the life and performance. Even the big question of used tyres is solved to large extent with introduction of re-treating technology, which not only helped user same maintenance cost but also have a positive impact on environment. Autoserve 2018 will specifically focus on Automobile Tyres, Re-treated Tyres, Tyre Maintenance and Repair Technology, enabling visitors to have detailed information. Also, during the exhibition, a session on Impact of Tyres Condition on Vehicles will be conducted.

Battery Pavilion Battery not only changed in size but also in material and technology with no-maintenance batteries being offered to users. The use of hazardous material has drastically reduced reducing the impact on environment. With an exclusive Battery Pavilion, industrial as well and individual users can have informed and wide choice of batteries for their vehicles.

Accessories and Interiors

Every car and two wheeler owner would like to maintain his vehicle at its best and also use beautiful accessories to enhance the look and sometimes comfort of driving. Accessories and Interiors pavilion will showcase all such products like remote locks, GPS systems, covers, music systems and other such accessories.

Battery Operated Vehicles

Pollution caused by vehicles running on petroleum products is main concern however these cannot be replaced totally owing to uses and technology up-gradation required in other sectors. The Battery / Electric Driven Vehicles though being manufactured for long has not found much fever with users due to various issues with regards to battery and limited range and speed, found to be useful where distances to be covered are shorter and pollution is main concern. Autoserve will provide a platform for showcasing of these vehicles.

Service Station Competition

CII always tries to promote best practices in Industry. As a part of promoting the best practices in Automobile Service Sector, CII shall be organising a Competition for Service Stations for 2-Wheelers and 4-Wheelers segments and brief details are below.

  • Service Centre shall be judged by panel of experts
  • Winners will be judged considering various parameters like housekeeping, customer service, client satisfaction, quality of service, repeat customers, EHS Policies, HR Policies, Employee satisfaction etc.
  • There will be separate category for 2-wheeler and 4-Wheeler service stations
  • Service Centres of Authorised Dealers of Company and stand alone Authorised Centre and multi-brand service centres shall be judged separately.
  • Competition is open to the service centres located in any of the Five Southern States.

Highlights of Exhibition

  • 3 Day Exhibition focusing on Automotive care , Maintenance , Service, Parts & Garage Equipments.
  • 120+ Exhibitors , displaying Indian and International Brands
  • ACMA - Safer Drives Campaign
  • 10000+ Business/Trade Visitors
  • 1 Day Conference on Indian Automotive Aftermarket Segment
  • Dedicated area for New Product Launches
  • Live Demos
  • B2B Meeting

The Benefits of participating in Exhibition

The participants in this exhibition can reap large benefits few of them are listed below.

  • Enable companies to understand the latest trends in the relevant sector and enable them to adopt best technology / solutions to meet their ever increasing demands for efficient, better and environment friendly solutions.
  • Opportunity to meet over 500 corporates, through structures B2B meeting, during exhibition
  • Listing of exhibitors' directory which will be shared with over 7000+ members of CII for reference and use.
  • The opportunity for one to one interaction with existing customers for feedback, requirement and improve relationships.
  • Understand the latest research, innovations, technological development through various presentations during Conference along with exhibition.