Best Stall Competition

Exhibiting companies spend considerable time, manpower and money to make their stall more attractive. This is more required for exhibitors having raw space since they have to start from scratch.

To encourage companies in better participation and acknowledge their efforts in small way, Trade Fairs Department, Southern Region has decided to announce the competition for best designed & executed stall in the exhibition. The stall will be inspected and judged by the expert from the Industry to judge the product presentation and a designer who will judge the design aspect of stall. All confirmed exhibitors of Raw Space will automatically be eligible for Competition. The stalls will be judges based on various parameters, few of them are listed below.

  • Timely submission of Drawings for approval to CII
  • Adherence to limits and specifications and space
  • Possession and completion of stall within the given time frame
  • Safety parameters adapted during the construction of stall
  • Presentation of products and layout stall for clarity and visibility of display
  • Housekeeping during the exhibition

The detailed parameters for evaluation and Terms and Conditions shall be circulated to all confirmed exhibitors